From 1560

The history of Casa de Alba dates back to the year 1560, as one of the first constructions made of stone, together with the Cathedral of Santa Catalina de Alejandría and the Customs Building. However, its history does not revolve around the age of its construction, nor its excellent location. It revolves around the stay of the Pirate Francis Drake, who, upon arriving at Cartagena, chose this place to stay. Drake invaded Cartagena through the peninsula of Bocagrande, with a powerful fleet and a well-prepared army.


After his arrival, he tried to negotiate with the authorities of the city. However, when he did not receive an immediate response to his requests, Drake incinerated at least two hundred houses in the city. During this attack, the English pirate found documents that belonged to the governor. Among these documents, there was a warning about the arrival of the ``pirate`` Drake, which he considered a humiliation and for that reason, he planned the destruction of the top of the cathedral. The authorities ruled upon in time, and stopped this plan of revenge, paying 107,000 gold shields to Drake; but it was not enough for him so he also took jewelry, city bells and artillery pieces.

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In the heart of an area full of history and magic.

Casa de Alba Hotel is in the heart of the walled city, in the Calle de los Santos street. This is a privileged location, surrounded by unique and historical sites of the city such as Santa Catalina de Alejandra Cathedral, the Museum of the Inquisition, the Gold Museum, Santo Domingo Square, Gobernación Square, Bolivar Park and San Pedro Square. The best restaurants and bars in the city as well as well-known jewelers are located in the surrounding area.